Most of our jewelry are made with high-quality Silver and Gold Plated Silver

Silver is a very stable material, it makes our pieces suitable for everyday wear and for a long time. In addition, Silver is safe for sensitive skins by being zinc-free and nickel free.

Most people find that they last from a year to ten years with proper care. Our material is tarnish resistant and won't leave green marks on your skin.




Since 2015, Amber Ng has been committed to bringing you high-quality handcrafted, original, stylish and affordable jewelry.

Amber Ng was founded by a university student from Macau, and we initially started selling jewellery at market stalls and social events, but the results were not satisfactory. We try to adjust the style and quality of our products. After two years' efforts, our products are well received by the market.

Now we have a company in Macau and our own production line in mainland China. We hope that through the Internet, more people can buy high-quality, exquisite and affordable jewelry.




Please avoid contact with moisture for all jewelry. Apply lotions, sprays and perfumes before putting on jewelry.

Take off jewelry before exercise and bed. Keeping your jewelry as dry as possible will help prolong the nature of its color and shine.

Store your jewelry when dry only.

To clean jewelry, gently use a soft cloth to wipe off any residue.

Please treat your jewelry with care.